Discover the benefits of our pineapple

We use the Freeze Dry which is a cold dehydrated technic. This kind of dehydrated keeps all nutritional properties of fresh fruit, its flavor, color, smell, shape and it has a delicious crunchy texture.

Our packaging of Freeze Dried pineapple contain 12g, which are equivalent to one slice of fresh pineapple of 120g. 

Some nutritional benefits of this fruit are:  

  • Helps to prevent cancer cells and improve the circulation due to its Bromelina.
  • It has antioxidants properties.
  • It has diuretics properties.
  • Helps to treat the constipation due to its Fiber.

healthy recipes with etnico fruits

Here are some different healthy recipes to consume our fruits in a easyfast and delicious way. 


An unique History and origin

Each fruit is grew by small families of Colombian farmers, mainly in the Cundinamarca and Meta departments. Here you can watch and learn the people histories people who daily grow, harvest and prepare the best Colombian fruits; which became in our unique ingredient of our products. In Etnico we harvest wellness together with our growers. 

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