Discover different healthy recipes to consume our fruits

Freeze Dried strawberry with greek yogurt

A healthy snack like this will be really useful in your breakfast or when you need to eat something light within meals and what give you energy for your day. Mix a portion of Etnico Freeze Dried strawberry with some spoonful of low fat greek yogurt. The antioxidants properties and Vitamin C of the strawberry, as well as the protein of yogurt are nutrients that you should consume daily to keep you health of body and mind. 


Cereal with Freeze Dried Strawberry

Break the routine at mornings and add more flavor to your breakfasts. Choose your favorite cereal and add some slices of our Etnico Freeze Dried strawberry as topping. In this way you will get a crunchy breakfast full of flavor. The most importante here is that you are receiving all the strawberry benefits while you consume what you more like. 


Flavored water with Freeze Dried pineapple and lemon

If you need to consume water daily and you are not water lover, this tip it's gonna to like you. Add some pieces of Etnico Freeze Dried pineapple and some lemon drops into a bottle to go where you want. In that way you will get a water slightly flavored, very hydrating and with all fruits benefits. Our Freeze Dried fruit hydrates really fast once it comes into contact with water, so that will be a preparation that take you no more than 5 minutes.


Aromatic infusion of Freeze Dried Pineapple

Prepare an infusion aromatic drink made with fresh fruits will take a while. With our Etnico Freeze Dried pineapple, it will be really fast. Pour into a cup some slices of pineapple with boiled water (if you want, sweeten with stevia or panela). Due to the water percentage of our fruit is about 4%, once it comes into contact with water it will hydrate faster than common dried fruit or even the fresh fruit, because this one already have water. Besides you will get an aromatic infusion drink with more flavor and smell. 


Smoothie Bowl of Freeze Dried Banana and oat.

For Smoothie Bowl lovers, we have an idea full of crunch and flavor. First prepare the smoothie with blackberry and milk (preferably almond milk), then pour the smoothie bowl and add oat, cereal and Etnico Freeze Dried banana as toppings. A smoothie bowl like this it's an option to get energy due to oat protein and potassium banana, ideal before or after of a exercise day, besides of a delicious contrast with the crunch of our fruits. 


Granola with Freeze Dried Banana and oat

If you love the crunchy snacks this tips might works. Get a hermetic glass bottle which you can carry where you want. Mix our Etnico Freeze Dried banana with oat and cereal low sugar. In this way you will get a healthy snack, crunchy and full of energy to accompany you during the day. Remember that our body needs to eat small portions each 3 hours to avoid the fat accumulation and like this you can keep fit all the time.