Foto de mangostino Etnico

Mangosteen is an exotic fruit that is characterized by being juicy and little bit fibrous, it has a mix of sweet and acid flavor. Its purple rind is not edible; inside it has the fruit with the shape and size of an almond. The maturity of this fruit is measured by its color and softening of it. 

It is well known due its healing and purifying properties. It also contains vitamin C, manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamins of the group B. 


Since ancient times, the mangosteen has been consumed due to its many benefits, such as: 

  • Combat the inflammation

  • Improves urinary function

  • Prevents diabetes and cancer

  • Increase the body energy

  • Decreases cholesterol levels

  • It has antioxidant and regenerative properties

  • Reduces hypertension

  • Prevents heart diseases 

  • Prevents hardening of the arteries

  • Remove bad breath

  • It is ideal for blood purifying

  • Helps to reduce sugar levels 

  • It is a natural slimming

  • Ideal to prevent Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases.

  • Increases defenses of the immune system.

  • Relieves pains produced by gastritis 

  • Fight constipation

  • Prevents skin problems

  • It has antiallergic and antibacterial properties that helps to prevent acne.

Tips for consumption

Cut the fruit in two parts and then take the juicy pulp with a spoon. This fruit is ideal to prepare with salads, ice cream or cream. To eat it, you just have to cut the fruit in two parts. 

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