freeze dried PINEAPPLE



Our Freeze Dried Pineapple has two presentations:

Freeze dried pineapple of 12g, which is equivalent to a 120g portion of fresh fruit.
Freeze dried pineapple of 50g, which is equivalent to a 500g of fresh pineapple.

We use the Freeze Dry which is a cold dehydrated technic. This kind of dehydrated keeps all nutritional properties of fresh fruit, its flavor, color, smell, shape and it has a delicious crunchy texture.


Some nutritional benefits of this fruit are: 

  • Helps to prevent cancer cells and improve the circulation due to its Bromelina. 
  • It has antioxidants properties.
  • It has diuretics properties
  • Helps to treat the constipation due to its Fiber.
  • Stimulates the generation of serotonin which helps improve mood.  
  • Helps to counteract fluid retention. 

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