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Physalis is a semi-acid fruit. It belongs to the berry family and is native to the South American Andes. It has an ovoid shape with an average diameter of 1.2 cm and a average weight of 5g. It has a crips leaf (capacho / chalice) that protects it from the environment, it is dark yellow and inedible.

This exotic fruit has high levels of vitamin A, B and C. 

In Colombia it is grown mainly in the Boyacá, Antioquia and Cundinamarca departments. It is also known as Uchuva, Aguaymanto, Uvilla, Cape Gooseberry and Golden Berry. 


Physalis has a lot of benefits for health such as:

  • Due to the polyphenols present, it has antioxidant properties

  • Might decreases blood cholesterol levels, due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

  • Purifies the blood due to its diuretic properties

  • Decreases blood sugar levels, helping to treat diabetes

  • It is healthy for the skin and hair

  • Helps relieve oropharyngeal infections 

  • Tones the optic nerve

Tips for consumption

To consume the physalis you must first remove the basket that covers it. It is important to keep it refrigerated if it is going to be stored (preferably with the basket), this would help to keep it for almost 8 days. This fruit is ideal with salads, such as jam cocktails and desserts.

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