Ensalada con mango liofilizado

Salad with Freeze Dried Mango

Enjoy take care of your family

If you like to innovate at kitchen and fill your whole family with different flavors, this is a great way to take care of yourself in a delicous wat.

Surely with this recipe you will surprise and your family will want to repeat

For this preparation we need:

✔ ½ cups of Freeze Dried Mango 12g
✔ ½ cucumber in squares
✔ ½ avocado in squares
✔ 1 cup of spinach
✔ 1 small ripe avocado in squares
✔ ½ lemon juice
✔ Coriander
✔ Salt to taste


Cut the mango and cucumber into pieces, add spinach and a few drops of lemon and salt to taste. That\’s it!

These recipes are designed to help you to eat healthy, and the best thing, is that you can make them without any problem.

Delicious and fast!

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