Watch and learn histories behind of our fruits

In Etnico we work together with our Colombian growers, who are the most important part into our process. That's why we have the initiative of promote the valuable work they make and show the histories behind of each fruit which they grow and harvest. Mainly we work with small families of farmers in Cundinamarca and Meta departments, where they produce banana, mango, pineapple and strawberry. All their fruits are produced under international quality standard GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), the majority of them are members of CCI (Corporación Colombia Internacional), one of our partner specialized in agricultural associativity. 

In each tag with QR code that you find in our packagings, it will link you here, where you can know the origin and all the history behind of the fruit that you are close to consume. 

We invite you to delight with the flavors of the Colombian fruits and promote the work of people that make it possible. 


Don Victor | mango grower

Location: Vereda La Esperanza - Anolaima, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

Grower: Victor Castillo

Variety: Común, Keitt and Tommy Mango.

Don Victor is a part of one association of growers called "Asoanolaima", where he represents the mango producers. Dedicated to this cultivation for more that 10 years, he tell us how they have progressed in this kind of cultivations in the region and how it has impacted to their community. Actually he has his GAP certification (Good Agricultural Practices)



Don Augusto | pineapple grower

Location: El Alto de las Chaguyas - Zipacón, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

Grower: Angel Augusto Zanabria

Variety: Camarosa Strawberry

Don Augusto has been working during 6 years joined to other 7 coworkers in the cultivation of strawberry. Here he explain us briefly how is the process of strawberry harvest and show us how is you daily work. 


Don Julian | pineapple grower

Location: Vereda La Barcelona - Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia.

Grower: Julian Arias

Variety: Golden Pineapple (MD2)

Don Julian works with other 3 coworkers in a small pineapple crop into "Caritama" farm. He explain us briefly how is the process of plant, since the seed until its harvest. 


Don Jairo | banana grower

Location: Finca "La Anselma" - Anolaima, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

Grower: Jairo Prieto

Variety: Banano común y Dominico hartón.

Dont Jairo has a farm of 9 fanegas where they grow common and dominico hartón banana. With a wide experience in this kind of crops, he explain us briefly how is the process and what considerations we have to consider to get a banana of the best quality with the best flavor.